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Vivia awarded with ISO 9001 certification of systems of management of the quality

Madrid, November 2011. The Spanish company Vivia Biotech has just been awarded with the certification ISO 9001, which proves the competitiveness of this Spanish biotech in the development of research projects for finding new indications for drugs used in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Since its foundation Vivia Biotech has grown exponentially more than tripling this amount in R&D funding in Spain and the EU, thus quickly establishing itself as one of the leaders in the sector in Spain.

Vivia Biotech has signed collaboration agreements with American pharmaceutical multinationals for drug development and is currently negotiating a third agreement with a US company and an additional one with a national pharmaceutical.

While the focus of Vivia in personalized medicine is Europe, where the company will market its tests directly, the executives expect a rapid expansion to the U.S., Latin America and the Asian market through partnership and licensing strategies.

Viva has recently signed the first national partnership in personalized medicine that connect the worlds of companies, medical specialists and the health systems. This alliance will enable the development of the personalized medicine tests and of pharmaco-economic studies associated with it. These tests are designed to improve patient care, reduce costs and maximize efficiency in the use of drugs and health system resources in the treatment of hematologic cancers, thus facilitating the adoption of the test by health systems.

About Vivia Biotech

Vivia is a pioneer in the “screening” or analysis of the effect of thousands of drugs or combinations directly on a patient sample (eg blood) within 48 hours.

Its technology platform, ExviTech ©, originally developed in the U.S. by an American and Spanish team was moved to Spain to launch Vivia Biotech. This began an international benchmark project that currently develops intensive R&D projects in hematologic cancers and metabolic diseases.

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