Launched in September 2007, Vivia Biotech is a world pioneer and leader in profiling thousands of drugs and combinations in a single patient sample, by means of its proprietary ExviTechTM Technological Platform.

ExviTechTM was originally developed in the USA by an American team who moved to Spain and launched Vivia Biotech, where they could efficiently leverage Spain’s world-leading position in altruistically donation of tissue and organ samples for research, with the first technology worldwide enabling scale research in patient sample.

After more than seven years of operations, Vivia has developed personalized medicine test for the treatment of Hematological Malignances like Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma, and has pioneered the development of “native environment” assays in whole patient samples across several indications and multiple mechanisms of action, capable of delivering truly translational pharmacological data that correlates with patient treatment outcome.

With these assets, Vivia has successfully engaged in partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide to provide unique precision medicine capabilities for patient center drug development and biomarker discovery.

Vivia’s team is made of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of cancer patients.