At Vivia we focus our efforts on improving the lives of patients suffering from our targeted diseases, searching for new treatments in the most direct and simple way.

We believe in a reciprocal company-patient alliance based on Corporate Social Responsibility principles that will remove barriers and create new opportunities from which both partners will benefit.

Personalized Medicine: Our research model centers directly on the individual patient, going beyond traditional research on transformed and animal cells to work in systems which are as closely related to the individual patient – derived from his/her freshly obtained clinical sample.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Vivia consistently follows corporate social responsibility principles, launching a corporate project to find a solution to a social problem in a self-sustainable way.

Talent and Innovation: We believe in the transforming power of a human team, with talent, motivation and passion for their work, at the service of an innovative research and development program. We always look for excellence and motivation in our employees and scientific collaborators.

A Globally Competitive Company: Vivia is a biotechnology company that competes in the international market, capitalizing in this growing sector on our partnership with patients and the talent that Spain offers.

Creating High Added Value: Vivia’s objective is the development of high added value products, thus justifying the trust that our investors and partners have placed in us.