Vivia’s main differentiating factor is its ExviTech© Technology (Ex-vivo Technology) Platform, which enables the ex-vivo analysis (i.e. on a standard biological sample such as blood, while still fresh) of the effect of thousands of drugs or combinations of drugs in less than 48 hours.

The ExviTech technology platform consists of automating the most sophisticated flow cytometry instruments, which are our platform’s core technology.

Flow cytometry technology has been established for over 30 years and is routinely used to carry out the majority of fresh blood or bone marrow sample tests, mainly for diagnostic purposes.

Therefore, it is a validated and reliable technique. In fact, flow cytometry is the technique most frequently used for the diagnosis of the hematologic cancers researched by Vivia.

This validation of the core technology used by the ExviTech© platform is crucial. ExviTech simply adds capacity to this otherwise highly validated technique, increasing the possibility of the project’s success.

The ExviTech technology platform is a complete platform that integrates several linked components to attain the aforementioned world-leading performance