Vivia Biotech, Preclinical and Translational CRO to enable Cancer Drug and Biomarker Discovery & Development

Native Environment Ex vivo assays...
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Delivering high quality ex vivo test results
>20 years measuring drug sensitivity in patient samples
Automation capable of measuring up to 2.000 points per sample
Access to primary samples from real patients and a large collection of cryopreserved samples
We can also adapt to your specific needs...
Delivering high quality ex vivo test results
A new exciting challenge in solid tumor therapeutic development
Functionally driven molecular profiling
Enriched project result with optimal analysis and graphical tools
Extensive collaboration with national and international hospitals, health centers and biobanks
Ex vivo assays for Hematologic Malignancies...
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3D Cultures Solid Tumor Assays...
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Molecular Biology...
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Bioinformatic Analysis...
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Primary samples repository...
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Biomarker Discovery and CDx...
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We have more than 10 years of experience working with top pharma, biotech and other life science organizations.
Our assays cover many aspects of primary cell biology with a special emphasis on preserving native microenvironment in hematological ex vivo (blood and marrow) systems. Follow the links for more information.
We count on high qualified expertise from our dedicated staff, external consultants and collaborators.
We can also adapt to your specific needs, please contact us to discuss your project requirements.
Vivia performs feasibility studies to accurately foresee the collection timelines, and puts its own experience, together with our collaborators’s clinical expertise at our customers’ disposal to help you improve your research lines and results.
Vivia’s standard procedures guarantees the suitability and highest quality of samples with a variety of features for our customer’s research. All samples and clinical data from patients who meet the predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria are collected in accordance with GCP guidelines and applicable laws, within the approval framework of the competent Ethics Committee and after patient’s declared consent.
Vivia offers to its partners proprietary Native Environment Assays in patient’s whole bone marrow, assessing the drug activity in the native tumor microenvironment:

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