ADCC & CDC Activity Ex Vivo Assays at Physiological Levels
Vivia Biotech can scale CDC and ADCC assays at physiological levels using real native environment with autologous serum and effective E:T ratios with autologous NK Cells
We use real patient samples preserving their native environment including the different levels of complement proteins which vary from patient to patient. This is a differential factor compared to other standard assays where the concentration of complement proteins is fixed.


Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) induce cell death through different mechanisms involving NK Cells (antibody-dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity; ADCC), phagocytic cells (antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis; ADCP), or activating a cascade of complement-related reactions (complement-dependent cytotoxicity: CDC).
Most therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAb) make use of complement in their MoA, so the complement pathways have to be fully effective to achieve better clinical efficacy. Clinical investigations have shown that the level and activity of complement proteins vary among patients with haematological malignancies, which together with the complement deficiencies that have been observed, including overexpression of membrane complement regulatory proteins in the tumor microenvironment, often cause unresponsiveness and resistance to treatment with these mAbs
Vivia Biotech can scale CDC assays at physiological level, using real native environment with samples from patients with hematological malignancies. By the other hand, the use of effective E:T ratios using autologous NK Cells can elicit ADCC activity.
CDC & ADCC Assays Using Autologous Serum and NK Cells from Hematological Patients
At Vivia Biotech we can capture the mechanism of action of therapeutic antibodies by incorporating or removing the patient’s autologous plasma.
Vivia Native Environment improves the impact of ADCC vs CDC activity at physiological level
Daratumumab killing activity with 20% autologous serum (red) vs 20% FBS (green). Results show that Daratumumab requires human complement present in Vivia MM Native Environment at 2x dilution from BM patient sample.