AML Assays in Primary Patient Samples
Vivia Biotech can significantly enhance AML drug profiling processes thanks to our access to biological samples from real patients.

Diagnostic & Relapse/Refractory Samples Availability

Vivia AML Ex Vivo Assays in a Nutshell…

We have specific assays to cover the different mechanisms of action of many drugs and compounds and to capture the effects of apoptosis, necrosis, cell cycle arrest, proliferation, immune cell modulation, or antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity, between others, directly on patient samples.
Our key innovations supply sound pharmacology using real AML patient samples.

Vivia as Your Companion Diagnostic Clinical Trial in AML

Vivia's Peer-Reviewed Published AML Data

As a result of the complete scientific support we offer to help our clients achieve their goals in AML drugs and compounds, we have collaborated in scientific articles and abstracts with several clients including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Otsuka, Acetylon, Molecular Partners, Tetraphase, Macrogenics, or Janssen, in addition to our own peer-reviewed published AML data.