Bioinformatic Analysis
Enriched Project results with optimal analysis and visualization tools
Good results analysis, enriched with graphs, diagrams and tables, may help a lot our customers to get a better interpretation of the results generated with their compounds, and it is undoubtedly, a great value of our services.
To make it possible and to ensure the highest quality in the analysis, it is essential to count, maintain and coordinate the following aspects and put them all together in every project developed at Vivia:
We have wide expertise in information technologies and software development required to set up and maintain systems that support our programs. Multiple applications are configured and extensively used on a daily base. Among them, we regularly use LIMS system as well as sophisticated statistical tools, such as R, NONMEM®, SAS® or Statistica®.
We commonly develop scripts and programs for different purposes using R studio, Linux scripts, Iron Python, VBA and PLSQL. All our data is stored in Oracle™ databases that help us to meet our requirements in several areas like performance, scalability, back-ups and security. Our IT infrastructure includes dedicated servers, networks and workstations that offer a high performance, safe and reliable environment.
Results graphs and visualizations are a key aspect of project analysis. For this purpose we use Spotfire from Tibco, a well-known application, especially in pharma and biotech companies, that is at the same time, a very powerful, scalable and flexible tool to run complex analytical procedures with excellent performance and computational efficacy, and on the other hand a very friendly and intuitive interface to assist scientist in data (or big data) analysis, results interpretation and decision-making processes.
Furthermore, we also have Spotfire Web Server, a tool that allows on-line dynamic results reports to our customers with the possibility to interact with graphs and visualizations through a web application. You may access a demo-version of an on-line report using this platform.
Results interpretation and discussion is definitively a key aspect of the Vivia services. We have realized over the last years, that a deeper comprehension of the projects as well as the results generated, turn back into higher quality of the analysis and better feedback from our customers.
We dedicate a lot of efforts for this purpose and follow up with it as an intense teamwork, and thus, we regularly set internal meetings at different points in projects lifetime, since initial phases with experiments design, to final analysis of results and report generation. Once project reports are sent, another round in results analysis starts where customers feedback and requirements for new analysis or editions are always welcome.

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