Biomarker Discovery and CDx
Vivia offers pharmacological profiling and CDx/biomarker discovery services in patient samples to provide key information for drug development. Vivia can also enable fast deployment of Investigator Sponsored Trials with its European KOL network, where PharmaFlow PM would be used as CDx.
CR 92%
OS 75%
* Results from observational clinical trial with Pethema in Spain in 123 AML patients treated with first line Cytarabine and Idarubicin. Publication ready for early issuance.

Vivia enables early identification of drug resistant clones to unleash targeted molecular biomarker discovery programs, uncovering the molecular basis of resistance of your drug. Vivia offers unique, state of the art, native environment immune-oncology and microenvironment assays.

Vivia offers to its partners proprietary Native Environment Assays in patient’s whole bone marrow, assessing the drug activity in the native tumor microenvironment: