Ex vivo proliferation assays for CLL patient samples:
optimal for BTK or PI3Kδ inhibitors
Vivia Biotech has developed accurate assays specifically tailored for characterizing the ex vivo pharmacological profile of your antiproliferative CLL drug compounds, directly using authentic patient samples.
Vivia Biotech can enhance your CLL drug profiling processes by utilizing advanced assays employing state-of-the-art assays in a native environment, and gaining access to real biological samples from patients, thereby identifying the most effective drugs for CLL treatment.

CLL Patient Samples Availability & Clinical Data Associated

Vivia CLL proliferation assays

To faithfully replicate the intricate in vivo microenvironment of CLL, we have formulated an ex vivo assay that optimally supports CLL proliferation and viability. This method utilizes a complete native peripheral blood or bone marrow CLL sample, combined with CpG + IL-2 + HS5 stromal cells, to closely mimic a lymph node environment.
Our key innovations supply sound pharmacology using real CLL patient samples.
Moreover, we can also design specific assays to combine your drug with other therapeutic agents.

Vivia Biotech Peer-Reviewed Published Data on CLL Proliferation Assays

Our CLL proliferation assays played a pivotal role in elucidating, for the first time, the antiproliferative effects of Idelalisib and Ibrutinib in patients with CLL (www.viviabiotech.com/scientific-publications)