FDA 2.0: Advancing Preclinical Development
with Real Patient Samples and Cell-Based Assays

The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 is changing the scope of research allowing the use of other alternative methods to the use of animals in your non-clinical drug development, such as ex vivo cell-based assays, to investigate the safety and efficacy of your drugs

Vivia Biotech have access to real patient samples derived from individuals with hematological malignancies, providing a more clinically relevant and ethically sound methodology for evaluating drug efficacy and safety in contrast to traditional animal models. This approach can expedite drug development and enhance the overall success rate of new therapies in these challenging diseases.

Vivia 2D & 3D ex vivo assays using Native Environment hematological patient samples provide
numerous advantages compared to conventional cell lines, isolated primary cells or even animal models

Vivia Biotech ex vivo assays