Combined Functional and Molecular Studies

Genotype your sample

  • Test your drug candidate on patient samples with an interesting genetic aberration.
  • Genotyping can be performed at any time point of the assay
  • Before drug testing, selecting samples of interest only
  • After drug testing, comparing activity across multiple genotypes

Discover potential biomarkers

  • Find out the molecular bases behind your ex vivo drug behavior
  • Perform DNA-seq, RNA-seq ChiP/BS-seq on samples with different drug sensitivities and reveal their genetic differences.

Reveal the molecular bases of drug resistance

  • Direct characterization of the potential resistant clone
  • Special experimental protocols to profile few input cells
  • Ultra Low-Input RNA sequencing
  • RNA or DNA Single Cell sequencing

Evaluate deep of response by Variant Allele Frequency Variation

  • Uncover specific subclonal tumor cell killing