PharmaFlow PM is a precision medicine test to personalize the treatment of patients suffering Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Every patient is different, and each patient’s reaction
to a pharmacological treatment is different.

PharmaFlow PM performs a complete pharmacological profile of all available treatment options for Acute Myeloid Leukemia, in pursuit of the best potential treatment for each individual patient.

The test evaluates the pharmacological activity of drug treatments (monotherapies & combinations) on the individual patient bone marrow sample, assessing the patient’s cells sensitivity or resistance to each treatment.

PharmaFlow PM

  • Ranks treatments in order of efficacy for the individual patient, from best (more sensitive) to worst (more resistant)
  • The test’s report is delivered to the physician within 48 hours, to inform patient treatment before treatment starts.
  • Provides the physician with key information of his/her patient’s response to over 20 treatment options.

Identifying treatment alternatives on time to increase
the probability of surviving cancer

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Why is it important to personalize the treatment of Cancer?