Personalized Cancer Treatments
Why is important to personalized cancer treatments?

Each human being’s biology is different, as is the reaction of each individual to the same pharmacological treatment.

Despite this, treatment for cancer is essentially standard, producing ineffective treatments and unnecessary side effects that can have severe consequences for the patient.

Viviabiotech is has developed PharmaFlow PM, a new precision medicine test for hematologic cancers like leukemia and multiple myeloma. PharmaFlow PM aims at identifying the best treatment for each individual patient, to help physicians make inform decisions when deciding treatment.
You cancer is unique, so should be your cancer treatment.

  • Within the specific field of Hematologic Malignances, around 20-30% of patients with these diseases do not respond well to standard treatments administered as a first treatment option.
  • This percentage increases considerably for patients that relapse in the disease after an initial remission, which happens frequently. When a patient receives a treatment to which he/she is resistant, not only it is not going to cure his/her cancer, but the treatment will produce unnecessary toxicities (side effects) that can have serious consequences for the patients well-being and quality of life.
  • It is key to identify the right treatment for each patient, at the right time.
  • Our team strives every day to provide efficient, personalized treatment solutions, for clinicians and patients suffering Hematological Malignances.