Proliferation Assays in Hematological Patient Samples
Vivia provides functional Native Environemnt assays for your antiproliferative drug and biomarker discovery & development, enabling a faster and more focused identification of specific mechanism of action of your drug.


Antiproliferation assay on AML samples may capture activity of hypomethylating drugs azacytidine & decitabine and is only detected in cytokine proliferation assay
At high doses azacytidine and decitabine behave as cytotoxic drugs (apoptotic curves in green), while at clinically low doses the hypomethylation are related to cell arrest, antiproliferation (blue curves). Proliferation assay reveals that is more prevalent antiproliferation drug effect (blue) than apoptosis (green). Cell division detected with dye (red curve) mimics depletion on dividing cells (blue), different than apoptosis (green).


Median dose responses show Idelalisib & Ibrutinib are antiproliferative agents.
New MOA can explain clinical profiles.
BCR inhibitors comparison most valuable if it can explore & predict best combinations