T Cell Engagers in Primary Patient Samples
We have high expertise in R&D of several TCE including IgG-like bispecific & trispecific antibodies, and other designs as DARTs, BiTEs, BiKEs, TriKEs, etc. using REAL PATIENT SAMPLES diagnosed with several hematologic malignancies and solid tumors
Vivia Biotech is a T Cell Engager (TCE) hub with 20 different TCE´s evaluated for a number of companies

Vivia T Cell Engagers assays in a nutshell…

Target Expression

Cytokine Release

Target Selectivity of Activated T Cells

Quantitative T Cell Activation And Tumor Cell Killing

TCEs are Prodrugs Activating T Cells, Whose Killing Potency Correlate with Overall Survival

Activated T Cells as the Real Drug: Biomarker for Long-term Remission

Combination with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Bell-Shaped Curves: Identify Dosing to Avoid Them

Proprietary Trogocytotic Biomarker Correlation with Activity: Suitable for Molecular Studies