TILs Expansion and Killing Assays
Tumor Infiltrated Lymphocytes (TILs) in vitro expansion are innovative T Cell therapies in the field of immunotherapy with increasing promise against cancer.
At Vivia Biotech we have access to primary samples from patients diagnosed with hematological malignancies and several solid tumors indications. From those patients samples we are able to activate and expand TILs for ex vivo testing, which could be directly shipped from Vivia to your facilities or applied in functional assays, such as tumor killing assays, potentiated by your compounds.
Figure 1. Vivia Rapid TILs Expansion protocol is based on clinically validated TILs expansion method (Rosemberg et al 2012 & Iovance)
Figure 2. Example of functional tumor killing assay combining ovarian expanded TILs and pancreatic tumor cell line, at different effector-target ratios.

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