TME-aligned 3D Solid Tumor Models for Bispecific Antibodies
Vivia’s ex vivo TMEaligned 3D model offers a very well controlled environment which can recreate the complexity of the TME and generate a reliable platform for studies on the effects of Bispecific Antibodies (BsAb) in Solid Tumors.
Vivia’s 3D model recapitulates original tumor microenvironment and promotes naïve behavior of tumor and immune cells. Once embedded in this native-like matrix, T-cells and tumor cells interact brought into proximity by BsAb (or multispecific antibodies).

Overall Activity BsAb EGFRxCD3 in Autologous TILs & Samples

Figure 1. Absolute counts for each cell subset shown before superposed

Combinations with Other IO Drugs like PD1 enhance T Cell activation and tumor killing

Figure 1. Ovarian Cancer with Autologous TILs (E:T Ratio 1:2)

TME-Aligned 3D Model for Immune Oncology Effects

Analysis Leverage Power of Multiparametric Flow Cytometry After Disaggregating 3D Assays