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TILs ex vivo Expansion for Research Purposes

At Vivia Biotech, we specialize in producing TILs from diverse solid tumor indications, offering complete clinical information, comprehensive immunophenotyping, and potency assays conducted on cell lines

Advancing ADC Hit-to-Lead Compounds through Cutting-Edge Assays and Real Patient Samples in Native Environment

Vivia Biotech can profile your ADC compound by utilizing state-of-the-art assays within a native environment, and gaining access to real biological samples from patients, thereby streamlining the selection process for ADC Hit-to-Lead compounds

Ex vivo proliferation assays for CLL patient samples: optimal for BTK or PI3Kδ inhibitors

Vivia Biotech has developed accurate assays specifically tailored for characterizing the ex vivo pharmacological profile of your anti-proliferative CLL drug compounds, directly using authentic patient samples

FDA 2.0: Advancing Preclinical Development with Real Patient Samples and Cell-Based Assays

The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 is changing the scope of research allowing the use of other alternative methods to the use of animals in your non-clinical drug development, such as ex vivo cell-based assays, to investigate the safety and efficacy of your drugs

TILs Expansion and Killing Assays

Tumor Infiltrated Lymphocytes (TILs) in vitro expansion are innovative T Cell therapies in the field of immunotherapy with increasing promise against cancer.

Innovative Drug Interaction Studies

Drug combinations are critical in many diseases, including cancer. Synergistic drugs allow the use of lower doses in the treatment and therefore the adverse reactions would probably be reduced.

Select the Best Format for Your T Cell Engager

Vivia Biotech ex vivo assays in discovery phase can reveal big differences in T Cell Engagers (TCEs) formats.

Select AML samples with desired molecular profiles for your ex vivo experiments

Vivia Biotech can combine ex vivo activity with molecular data generated by NGS to better understand your drug activity in real AML patient samples

ADCC & CDC Activity Ex Vivo Assays at Physiological Levels

Vivia Biotech can scale CDC and ADCC assays at physiological levels using real native environment with autologous serum and effective E:T ratios with autologous NK Cells

Ex vivo Assays in MM Primary Patient Samples

Vivia Biotech can identify the best drugs for MM patient enhancing your MM drug profiling processes thanks to our improved and novel assays and to the access to biological samples from real patients...

AML Assays in Primary Patient Samples

Vivia Biotech can significantly enhance AML drug profiling processes thanks to our access to biological samples from real patients...

CDx Clinical Trials

An Innovative Biomarker‑Driven Design to Select Patient Population Upfront